About us

Behind Madamlili is a great team of employees and at the same time good friends from different European countries.
The creative head is Hicran - a real rocket that has transformed its positive energy into a company. Curious and open-minded, she strives for new ways and discoveries. The creative mind has a solid BWL basis and many years of experience as a banker. The transition from economy to Design she crowned at the best London institutions:
University of "Central Saint Martins" and "London College of Fashion" in the direction of fashion, design and innovation. Born in Kassel, with Anatolian roots, she manages to build a bridge between two cultures and connect the positive aspects of the two into the magical world of the Madamlili. She loves nature and believes in the good in man. Therefore, nature and the needs of the customers always focus on the motto:
"You are the light and love. You are the world. "
Madamlili also has its analyst, who is about the financial and organizational - Elba. The company gradually develops and safely under his eye. His knowledge of Asian and European history (Master and PhD) contributes to the design of the company and their philosophy. His goal is to collect the mysterious past with natural aesthetics under one roof and to show in the form of selected accessories worldwide.
The idea for the company came 2008. Hicran gave the name 'Madam' and Elba 'Lili'. Officially founded Madamlili 2009 and the year after the first workshop was created with their own staff. In 2011, the company is already known internationally, especially in Poland, Norway and France. In 2012, Madamlili was registered as a brand and opens its first store. In the next few years, cooperation with some great 'retailers', e.g. Promobo and Karstadt and ensures international enthusiasm through cooperation with European boutiques. In 2014, Madamlili has become a Dawanda topseller in Germany and Alittlemarket.com has become a bestseller in France. These successes lead to the opening of your own online shop. 2015 starts Madamlili.com with 500 products. The interest is great and the site grows every day.
Madamlili today has a multilingual team that offers customer service in different languages. The products are designed and / or manufactured in the Madamlili workshop, and each piece is packed with the positive energy so that customers can enjoy the "joie de vivre to wear", wherever they go.
The guiding principle was clear at the beginning:"You are the light and love. You are the world."