1. Who is behind Madamlili Design GmbH?

A great team that offers the service in many different languages.
Madamlili is no longer "I" more, but a "we"! :)

2. Where are Madamlili products manufactured or customized?

Madamlili products are lovingly manufactured or customized by a diligent team in the Madamlili Atelier in Berlin Ku'damm.

3. Are the products nickel or lead-free?

Yes, of course, the products are nickel and lead-free. Thus, they are also great for allergy sufferers.

4. Is there a Madamlili loading?
However! There is a boutique in Berlin Ku'damm.
The adress is:
Madamlili Design GmbH
Joachim-Friedrich-Str. 42
10711 Berlin

(Right next to Design Hotel Ku`damm 101)

The opening hours are: Mon-Fri: 9am to 5pm

5. Can I call for questions?

Willingly! If you have any questions or problems, the team will be happy to help.
Tel. Hotline 030-30 834 962 (at local tariff)
Mon-Fri 10 - 17 o'clock

6. Which stores still sell Madamlili products?

The following shops still provide Madamlili products:
Karstadt branches
Promobo Berlin

7. I like a chain but I want to have it longer or shorter. Is that possible?

Sure, of course! We are happy to extend or shorten bronze, silvered and gold-plated chains for free. Please simply specify the change requests when ordering.

8. I like a product but I want to have it with other material such as 925 real silver, bronze or silver plated. Is that possible?

Willingly! This is feasible with almost all pieces of jewelry. Here, too, please simply specify the change requests when ordering.

9. Can I engrave the jewelry?

Certainly! Engraving is feasible on almost all jewels free of charge. Please specify the engraving request when ordering.

10. Can you change the sayings on the products?

Of course, the sayings can be made as desired. Please simply specify the desire to order.

11. What does the individualization cost?

Nothing. Customizations are free for free.

12. I have a photo or desire motif which I want to have processed as a chain trailer, ring or earring. Is that possible?

But of course wish designs can be made. Please simply specify the change requests while ordering and send the photo or desired motive to info@madamlili.com.

13. Can I send my order back?

Products can be returned within 14 days. Depending on your wishes, goods can be exchanged or the purchase amount will be refunded.

14. How long are the watches or Madamlili products under warranty?

Of course, on watches or madamlili products as usual 2 year warranty are granted.

15. Can I make an order from any country and how much does it cost me?

For delivery within Germany we charge a flat rate 2.90 EUR per order. From an order value of 50 EUR we deliver free shipping within Germany.

We are happy to deliver internationally. From an order value of 50 EUR we deliver free shipping with DHL and the rest of the world with Postnl (Dutch Post) or Deutsche Post. For orders below 50 EUR you have 2 options:

1. For this we calculate a flat rate 3.90 EUR and we deliver with Postnl. The delivery times of Postnl are to Poland and France approx. 5-8 working days and to USA and around 7-10 business days, more.
2 For this we charge a flat rate for Europe-wide delivery 6 EUR and we supply with DHL. DLIE Lieferzeiten to Poland and France with DHL are about 3-5 working days, all other countries of Europe 5 working days and more.

* For delivery to USA and rest of the world with DHL, an infatheller agreement is required depending on quantity and value of goods. Living takes about 5-7 and more business days.

* For both Germany and Europe and worldwide, express delivery with DHL or unified logistics companies is possible. For this, an infomudelle price request is required depending on quantity and value of goods. For price inquiry please contact info@madamlili.com.

16. What is Madamlili special?

Personal service is particularly important at Madamlili. Your satisfaction is therefore at the top!

If you have any questions, suggestions and complaints, the Madamlili team is always helpful. :)